Pineapple Season

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Pineapple Season

Oh hello, summer. The happiest season of them all!

I mean sure, fall is super cozy, winter has snow (which some people are big fans of), spring is fresh and new, but summer… summer is sunshine.

It’s warm nights and endless days.

It’s picnics and beach days, road trips and adventures to new places.

It’s good food, cold drinks, and new memories made with friends and family.

Summer is magic.

It’s this time of year when the days start warming up that I get a craving for some of those delicious cold drinks. I love mixing up different combinations of juices and ingredients until it’s juuust the right balance of sweet and refreshing.

Pour it over ice, throw in some fresh fruit, and sit back and enjoy sipping away while the sun shines and the breeze flows. Ahh… I can almost hear the sound of the lake splashing against the dock now. Can it just be summer forever please?

One of my favorite fruits to get this time of year is pineapples! They’re so good in just about every way – freshly sliced, in desserts, grilled on the barbeque, and of course to drink! Not to mention the tropical look they automatically add to your décor ;)

That’s where the inspiration for my pineapple lime mocktail came from. I started with the pineapple juice, added in some lime for a little extra zip, and non-alcoholic beer which adds some fizz and balances out the tartness of the fruits. And for those of us that like drinks a little sweeter a splash of simple syrup finishes it off. Yum!

Last summer I was pregnant so I missed out on all the cocktails and sangrias that always show up at get togethers and BBQs, but its really easy to turn a cocktail into a mocktail. Just swap out the alcoholic ingredient for anything fizzy like club soda or tonic water. Or if you want to add another flavor to compliment the fresh juices non-alcoholic beer is a great option!

Have fun with it and don’t be scared to try different combinations! Your mocktail creation might just be the hit of the summer!

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