About Beer Canada

Taproom is a publication of Beer Canada, the voice of the people who make our nation’s beers.

Founded in 1943, to address demands for supplies to Canadian and allied troops during World War II, Beer Canada has been witness to many faces and phases of the world brewing industry.

Today, our members are brewers who collectively account for 90% of the beer brewed in Canada. Beer Canada champions a strong domestic brewing industry and a healthy regulatory environment. From coast to coast, we provide services and advocate on behalf of our members and the industry.

Membership with Beer Canada is open to all brewers with a federal excise licence.
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Canadians are really good at making beer and we believe beer can fit into a balanced healthy lifestyle.

As part of our commitment to promote responsible consumption, Beer Canada supports several responsible use programs.

We are inspired by beer and Canada’s brewers and we want you to be inspired too.

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