Seven Types of Beer Glassware

Contributed by Roger Mittag

Take a look at a selection of the most common types of beer glasses and what they mean for you and your favourite beer.

A pint glass is a true classic. The slight bulge in the glass’s shape allows for foam retention and a great grip.

Light beers are ideal for the tapered shape of the pilsner glass. Great for lively bubbles and a frothy head.

Pair a tulip glass with a Belgian ale or barley wine. Its curved body and splayed lip make the most of robust aromas.

The Weizenbier glass was invented with wheat beer in mind. Its shape allows for fluffy foam and golden hues.

Sip a strong ale from a snifter glass. Its large bowl captures aromas and sends them to the lip of the glass.

The flute glass’s refined form increases carbonation. It is a complement to fruit and lambic beers.

A goblet’s bountiful bowl traps malt flavours and retains substantial head.