Tariff Relief Good News for Brewers and Beer Drinkers

Tariff Relief Good News for Brewers and Beer Drinkers

The Government of Canada’s announcement that most beer cans imported from the U.S. will no longer be subject to retaliatory tariffs is welcome news for brewers and beer drinkers across Canada.

Beer Canada estimated the cost of Canada’s tariff on beer cans alone would add $10.5 million in additional costs to domestic brewers. 

 “We’ve appreciated all along that the Federal Government was in a very difficult and sensitive situation, and not one of its own making,” said Beer Canada President Luke Harford. “Tariff relief on beer cans removes a big headache for local brewers and recognizes that there is too much tax on beer already.”

On October 11, the Federal Government announced that steel and aluminium goods, including most sizes of aluminium beer cans, would be eligible for tariff relief for an indefinite period for products imported from the U.S. on or after July 1.  

The 473 mL tall can is especially important to Canada’s small brewers. In 2017, Canadian brewers purchased almost half a billion 473 ml tall cans from the U.S.