Beerginner: Why beer? And a look at Lagers

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Beerginner: Why beer? And a look at Lagers

"Hi there, is this stool taken? What are you having? Yes, there is a lot of choice on the menu. All that wine from around the world and fancy cocktails. Have you looked at the beer menu yet? Oh you don't like beer or the options are overwhelming? You think beer is bitter/tasteless/will make you feel too full? Well I am so glad I sat down!"

Hey folks, I'm Heather, Beer Canada’s Beerginner and I'm here to help navigate you through the vast and sometimes murky waters of the beer world.

I come late to beer appreciation, having only in the past few years really begun exploring its range and deliciousness. I was a white wine, fruity cocktail kind of gal until beer became my passion. Beer is my answer to enjoying an adult beverage with friends at restaurants, bars or events. Maybe beer is the answer for you too.  If you want to try new styles or are ready to dip your toes into the beer world I am the girl who is going to give it to you straight and simple.

Beer may taste complex but it is a simple combination of barley, hops, yeast and water. Sometimes other ingredients are added but for the basics there are four. Yet not every beer tastes alike.  There are over 10 different ways barley can be used, over 30 different hop varieties, hundreds of strains of yeast and of course no one water source tastes the same. ( if you the.....) I am no math whiz but I think we can all agree the possibilities are endless.  So all those who like variety raise your hand and then join me on the beer side. Also those who said they didn't drink beer because of too little or too much taste get over here too. There is a beer style for you.

Can we take a moment to have a conversation about beer and gas? I agree 100% that beer can make you a little burpy and feel a bit full. So can many grains, fruits and vegetables. And since you aren't going to a BYO Broccoli event I wouldn't use gas to deter you from enjoying a pint or half pint.

Beer can get foamy because of a natural action between the yeast and sugars in the brewing process. A little dance where the music builds and they bounce around in the mosh pit creating effervescence and foam. This is a really good thing for beer but for you to fully enjoy it too I recommended you enjoy your drink after it is poured into a glass. The act of pouring beer actually releases the flavours and aromas while releasing CO2 into the air and not into your body. So if you’re worried about feeling overly full, come on over, you'll be fine.

I imagine there are still a few undecided stragglers. Maybe you don't know why you haven't tried beer before? Beer can taste like citrus, raspberries, chocolate and other amazing flavours. Beer goes well with all food and is even better cooked into food. It supports national and local industries. Beer has a long and crazy history that will explain why it was once considered safer to drink than water. Nothing tastes better than a cold beer on a hot day. The beer community is big, fun and incredibly inclusive. You can get it in grocery stores. You can make it yourself.  And most importantly there is a beer flavour for everyone.

Did I convince most of you to give it a try? Are you curious to know more? Follow along my journey as the Beerginner, where I continue to learn about the big, bold, beer world and help you discover why it makes so many people happy. With each post I will be profiling a different beer style, starting with the basic big five and then narrowing them down further as both of our knowledge about beer gains. Most importantly let's remember beer is fun!

Coming up next We'll do a speed round of beer history. And if you're curious, check out my guideline to Lagers below.



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