Advice for a Healthier Patio Season

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Advice for a Healthier Patio Season

It’s patio time…after a long winter, it’s time for sun, friends, and maybe an ice cold glass of beer. Ahhhh. But…how do I keep my al fresco dining healthy and calorie-wise, you ask?

If you want to find ways to fit the “extra” calories in alcohol, into a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, something has to give (not what you want to hear, I know!)

While the 100-150 calories in a single serving of beer or wine may seem moderate, compared to 400 calories + for a sweetened cocktail (think dessert), those calories can add up over the course of the week, (or, yikes, a summer!)

Truth is, most of us do not have the luxury of adding extra “empty” calories to our diet without unwanted weight gain.

If you enjoy beer, though, you can make some wiggle room for those extra calories when you:

a) limit your drinks*, b) eat smart most days c) remember regular exercise won’t kill you!

*Note: Drinking alcohol is a personal choice. If you choose to drink, stay within the limits set in Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines. If you have questions about alcohol and your health, talk to your doctor.

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