3 Tips to Enjoy Summer and Keep Those Extra Calories in Check


3 Tips to Enjoy Summer and Keep Those Extra Calories in Check

Summer is finally here. If you’re like me, that means your weekends will include getting together with friends for a backyard BBQ, on a patio for brunch or a quick get together after work. For times when you choose to drink alcohol, these tips can help to make that wiggle room for extra calories. 

1.    Think 80:20. Make healthy choices most of the time, and limit how often you eat and drink “extras,” and how many. 

Tips to make it work:

•    I find not having higher calorie treats in the house helps a lot. Go out for ice cream and make it an event instead of keeping it in the freezer for example. 

•    You might go to a couple parties on the weekend and opt out of drinking alcohol for one of them. Either way, if you choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly and keep within your drink limits*.

2.    Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses. Eat and drink the food you enjoy, just in slightly smaller vessels as a clever and easy way to curb portion sizes. 

Tips to make it work:

•    Try using a salad or lunch plate for dinner.

•    Before you laugh at this idea, drinking beer out of a smaller wine glass is a thing. Not only will the portion be smaller but with the wider glass you might find it easier to enjoy the aroma of your favourite beer (and it looks classy too!). 

3.    Slow down and pay attention. Savour the suds. Be mindful. You’ll enjoy your meal better and you may eat less too. 

Tips to make it work:

•    Take your time to enjoy your food and beverages. Enjoy the patio, the company and the conversations at summer get-togethers.

•    If you’re having a beer with your dinner, notice how it makes your food taste.

•    Putting your fork down between bites helps too.

*Note: Drinking alcohol is a personal choice. If you choose to drink, stay within the limits set in Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines. If you have questions about alcohol and your health, talk to your doctor.