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Get the goods on hops

Flowers of the Humulus Lupulus promote aroma & bitterness in beer. If you listen and watch closely, you can witness the “wolf” plant grow in one sitting. Read more…


Beer’s backbone.

Barley is malted in a process where valuable parts of the barley cereal grain are awakened and utilized to create flavour, colour and mouth feel in beer. Read more…


The magic element. 

A living micro-organism that is the key to consistency in beer. It transforms sugar into alcohol, helping to create a product naturally low in residual sugars. Find out more…


Beer is 90% water.

Minerals in H20 add character and make up over ¾ of a brewer’s recipe. Different types of water have an impact on the brewing process and the way a beer tastes. Find out why….


Foody food food

Perfect Pairings

Beer on the menu is no longer an afterthought. It is the ideal beverage to pair with your favourite foods or use in your cooking.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

How many calories are in a beer? 350, 250, or 150?