WE ARE PLEASED TO RELEASE Industry Trends 2015. A PDF copy of this report is available. 

We create a report of this nature each year to reflect, update and share new information involving the beer industry in Canada. Our mission includes being the source for beer data in Canada.  We hope you find it useful and greatly thank the various sources and our members for their contribution in its production.

In 2014 Canadians enjoyed over 22 million hectolitres (1 hectolitre equals 100 litres) of beer. Canadian beer accounts for 84% of this figure. 
The industry is growing quickly with a total of 640  licensed breweries operating in 2015.That is an incredible increase of 108% in the last five years.

Per capita consumption of Canadian and imported beer was 63.34 litres per person based on total population. At the provincial level, consumption is highest in Newfoundland at 77.32 litres per person. Beer is Canada’s most popular adult beverage and the Canadian beer industry continues to hold an impressive environmental record. On average 99% of beer bottles were returned in 2015.

Beer Canada represents over 40 Canadian brewing companies who account for more than 90% of domestic beer produced. If you are a brewer or are thinking about starting a brewery we hope this report guides you well and we thank you for your support. We encourage you to help us unify the beer category and improve the marketplace for beer in Canada.